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"gcloud": Google Cloud Platform CLI for Power-Users

I tend to spend a lot of time in the command-line tools when working with the public cloud computing providers. It is fast, scriptable, and... strangely empowering.

Over the last year as a Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform, I have been thinking a lot about improving the developer experience. Obviously, one of the crucial parts of this experience is the command-line access to the cloud. To improve this experience, we have launched gcloud: a command-line tool for Google Cloud Platform, which enables developers to manage their Google Cloud-based resources in a consistent, uniform and efficient way.

I have captured the following video which showcases some of the power-use cases of gcloud that I am particularly excited about, and I think it may be worthwhile sharing. In particular, the video below features:

  • A single-line installation
  • Unified help
  • Command autocompletion
  • Remote resource autocompletion
  • Output formatting
  • Command chaining
  • Component management and updating
  • Access to the bleeding-edge commands, and so on.

The video is rather fast (apologies, but I wanted to keep it around 5 minutes), so you might want to pause it if you find something interesting.

Power use of gcloud: the CLI for Google Cloud Platform.

I hope you'll find it useful!

With that, I'm signing off from building next-generation cloud computing to building cheap, scrappy and accessible virtual reality.

Onwards and upwards, my friends!

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