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Google I/O 2014: Cloud and Android

It's obvious that cloud and mobile worlds are converging. The majority of interesting mobile applications nowadays are powered by cloud, and new startups are springing up every day to fight for their niche in this transition. Check out HN in your spare time; chances are you'll notice some new cloud-based data storage, a new way to test your apps in the cloud, or a new way to develop mobile apps using cloud-based IDEs. The importance of this convergence has even started changing the direction of old timers like Microsoft.

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to talk about some of the work I've been doing as a Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform to bring together the mobile and cloud worlds at Google I/O 2014. If you're curious to see how you could make your apps more engaging and more interactive using cloud without having to write hundreds of lines of code, check out the video of our session below.

Finally, as an added bonus, here are a few inside pictures from I/O 14! We live in the times of fundamental changes in computing and moonshot ideas, and it was a truly humbling experience to get a glimpse of that together with 6,000 in-person attendees at Moscone Center and over a million people who were watching the I/O keynote online.

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