Diversity Visa

Green Card

"Green Card"

It all comes at once.

A couple of days ago I received a call from Lithuania: there was a letter from U.S. waiting for me at home. After some discussion it became clear that I was one of the 100 000 selected to compete for 55 000 DV's ("Green Cards").

After some short initial joy, problems and worries started to creep in: one has to cross the U.S. border in six months after getting a DV - something which I'm not keen doing at all, because I'll be studying in Cambridge University at that time, and since I've worked quite hard to get there, it's priority #1 in the list.

One possible solution would be to go to U.S. for the summer and then comeback for a school year, but... we'll see how that goes, it might introduce some additional problems (about which I'm not fully aware at the moment). It would be nice to visit some old friends though...

Anyway, I'll try to keep the whole process documented here as well - it might give someone a good estimate of trouble involved in getting a DV (and help me to track the overall progress as well).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned - there will be more.

Boston, U.S.A. (09/2007)

Boston, U.S.A. (09/2007)

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