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Robot Photographer (Part II)

A new milestone for the robot photographer! Here's a list of new things that the robot is capable of:

  • It has been taught to detect and track humans in Kinect's depth image!
  • Depth and photographic cameras have been aligned (camera intrinsics and extrinsics have been calibrated). This effectively means that given a point on one image plane (e.g. in the depth image), a robot is able to tell where the corresponding point would be on the other image plane (e.g. in a photograph).
  • Composition and framing modules have been implemented, i.e. now the robot knows how a "good" picture looks like.

All in all, this means that the "beta" version of the robot is now fully functional. Here's a new video of it in action!

Robot photographer development: human head tracking and picture framing

Next step: real world deployment!

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