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White Man's Blues

Due to the fact that I have found time to record these videos, I'm starting to suspect that my vacations have prolonged quite a bit... And I still have more than a week left.

Status update: apparently I have been awarded the Simon Gray prize by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. That, a KAL industrial scholarship, a couple of other prizes... I almost regret having decided to leave.

Anyway, here's the video. Try to figure out which is worse: my playing or my webcam's video quality.

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Edinburgh University, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Semester II

Labs @ Edinburgh University

Labs @ Edinburgh University

As I have promised earlier, here's the second part of my impressions about the individual courses in the first year of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. Hopefully you will find it useful, e.g. when choosing your outside courses, preparing for the exams or simply getting a taste of the CS undergraduate life in the University of Edinburgh.

Once again, please bear in mind that all what is written below represents only my personal opinion.

Innovation and Enterprise for Scientists and Engineers
Professor: Khaled Benkrid

Lectures: a brilliant introduction to the main components and aspects of modern entrepreneurship, definitely one of the most interesting business courses that I’ve been to so far. Not only will you get the basic theoretic concepts of the modern business (like industry, marketing, operational, financial analyses, risk assessment), but you’ll also put them into practice while writing a business plan for your own idea, which will then account for 50% of your final grade.

What’s more, you’ll get the guest talks of local entrepreneurs (either spin-offs from the university, or related in some other way), an overview of the legal system regarding UK start-ups and businesses (PLCs, sole-traders, etc) and on top of that – it will all be related to the science and engineering (with Dr. Benkrid being a computer scientist himself!).
All in all – a highly inspiring, exciting and recommended course!

Exam: well… it all can’t be that interesting. Continue reading

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